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Our FAQ's should

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Our FAQ's should

answer most queries


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When Packing Experience Shines Through.

Packing refers to all your belongings that will fit into the cartons used by your moving company. We offer our service based on the adage if it fits into a box it's a packable item. Obvious maybe, but not every customer who chooses to pack themselves are aware of this fundamental removal golden rule.

Packing up all your personal belongings can be a very time consuming exercise, customers who opt for packing themselves have told us that they spent the afternoon down memory lane rather than inside a packing box!

We would always recommend using our experienced packers to prepare your belongings for the move. They employ the correct techniques and undertake their task in a timely manner.

It would be safe to say that once customers have employed our packing service they never opt for anything else.

Please note

Our insurers will offer comprehensive cover for contractor packed belongings whereas very limited cover is offered for owner packed.

Offering a packing service will incur additional expense, which would be based on the amount of packing required. We would also recommend it maybe a very good time to clear away those items you intended to dispose of years ago as your movers will pack everything (with the exception of prohibited items).

Whatever route you chose to take there is never a right and wrong option, some customers genuinely enjoy the prospect of the challenge.

Good Luck.

House moving at its very best

Capital movers ltd are committed to providing the very best service for all our customers, don't just take our word see what our customers think!

Whether you need to move across Edinburgh or further afield we have the skills and expertise to ensure your belongings arrive safely.

We have been providing our top quality service for well over 40 years and within that time have been the leaders in ensuring the standards clients have come to expect are correctly maintained.

The owner was one of the first in the UK to implement both male and female packers and one of the first in Edinburgh to have fully uniformed staff.

We never lose sight of the fact that for most of our clients we are moving all your worldly belongings and stress all your worldly belongings! Can you really risk using anyone else?

Welcome to the world of Container Storage.

Storage here, storage there, storage everywhere possible place. Big store. Little store. Long store. Short store. Good store. BAD STORE!

How do you know and how do you choose?


Good, that's it. Move on

Wait a bit more info please.


Indoor or outdoor?

Well, obviously indoor it's all my worldly household possessions.

Ok, but not so obvious some storage facilities are shipping containers in a secure compound.

Good though!

Hmm outdoor metal box - you decide.

Ok definitely indoor and certainly not containers.



Different types of containers?

Yes. The picture below (no not the cute dog the picture below that) is a container.

It's the type of storage container we use and, dare I say, the best type of storage solution for your belongings.

You would say that.

Well let's look at the facts.

Less dead space.

That is wasted space in your allocated unit or units. Our containers hold a volume of 7 cubic metres (250 cu. ft.) and are 2.1m (7ft) high, this means we can safely stack your belongings to the full height reducing dead space. Let say you require a storage volume of 25 cubic metres (900 cubic feet) this equates to 4 of our containers and means 1 container would only be 3/5 full, 2/5 dead space. This utilises to the maximum the allocated containers and has reduced the amount of dead space therefore saving you money.

Less risk of Damage

Our containers will be loaded onto our vehicle and brought to your property whereupon our removal crew will load your belongings into said containers. The lorry returns to depot and the forklift truck unloads into store. Unlike conventional or self store this means your furniture has been moved only once the implication being the more you move an item the greater the risk of damage!

Container storage is cheaper!

The process of bringing your belongings into our store means less work for your removal crew and therefore a much cheaper quote to you on the collection and redelivery charges.

It's a WIN WIN WIN situation for you!

One last point to note is that ALL professional removal companies use containerised storage.

Price please
"Sometimes all it takes is a little chat and I knew I was in safe hands!"

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About Us

Let's keep in simple.

What would you like to know?

How long have you been operating?

Well the current owner joined the company about 27 years ago, 27 YEARS AGO - feels like only yesterday. So around 40 Years in total and that means we should know how to do it!

Will my belongings arrive safely?

Yes. We use all the tried and tested packing and loading techniques together with protective covers to minimise any potential issues.

What kind of vehicles do you use?

We have a 'fleet' of three. The smallest used for crew transport and material delivery, a 7.5ton lorry capable of moving the 'average' 3 bed house and a 17 ton giant about 2.5 times larger than the 7.5 tonner.

Government legislation dictates we must have an operators licence to use vehicles over 3.5 ton Gross vehicle weight, this ensures we conduct our business within the framework of the law and have properly maintained trucks.

Do you have insurance cover?

All included in our quotation with our broker Basil E Fry of Leatherhead, go check out there website (it's one of our links)

Do you provide a packing service?

Yes. Packing refers to all items that need to be placed into our cardboard boxes. Furniture is not classed as packing as these items are always wrapped using the vehicles protection covers.

Do you offer boxes for us to pack?

Yes, providing we have them returned in a re-usable condition, at no extra cost. A few delicate pointers in correct techniques will be offered. We will deliver prior and collect post move (sorry, only applies to addressess within Lothian and West Fife regions.)

We must vacate our property by noon is that a problem?

Yes and No. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee clearance within a specific timeframe, however we can and will offer solutions to overcome potential time issues.

Do you place my belongings/boxes in the appropriate room?

Yes. We will do a walk-around prior to delivery to familiarise ourselves with your property and all furniture will be correctly positioned. Boxes will be marked for correct location ensuring minimum disruption.

Last move the weather wasn't perfect, can you please protect my carpets!

Two factors to ensuring floor covering are kept clean. 1) protection covers will be placed in hallways, stairs and room leading off hallway and 2) our vehicles come with ramps which can almost bring us to your front door minimising walking on open ground.

Email: info@capitalmoversltd.co.uk

Call: 0131 552 2985

Fax: ???? or memories ahh!